Pastor Kevin & Ruby Kim

As a Pastor, Kevin has served for ten years in Youth, Campus, Rural, and Urban ministry. With a child's heart and a students mind, he loves sharing his spiritual alphabet of ABCDE's:


  • Advent-aimed

  • Bible-based

  • Christ-centered

  • Discipleship-driven

  • Euang√©lion-empowered


For him, ministry is simply a church family's response to a Divine Family's love. And for him, mission is simply sharing:


  • what Jesus did for everyone on the cross

  • what Jesus is doing in my life today

  • what Jesus will do for you tomorrow


Pastor: Kevin Kim

Elder head: Scott Thom

Elder interim: Charles Brodhead

Clerk: Vivianna Segarra

Treasurer: Andre Clarke

Deacon Head: Darnell White

Deaconess Head: Linda Thom

Communication Director: Darnell White





Community Service director: Sarah Moore

Education secretary: Sarah Moore

Family Ministries coordinator: Wendy Taylor

Home & School leader: Sarah Moore

Music director: Sarah Moore

Sabbath School Superintendent: Dianne Brodhead

Women's Ministry leader: Mayte De Jesus

Youth Ministry leader: Kaylah McKenzie


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