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"The Cast" Is a new show that tackles today's topics and issues by offering practical and spiritual answers to life's toughest questions. This program carries a message of healing and restoration into homes around the world. Hosted by, Scott Thom, Keith Tombrello, Celia White & Noel Girod.

Episode 1: "What Must I Believe?"

Everyone who is a Christian agrees that we must believe to be saved. However very few of them can agree on what it is one must believe. Even fewer can say what or why they believe.

One of the biggest disputes in the religious world, centers around the question of whether or not man has a part in his own salvation, with the central argument resting on the question of how God saves us. Contrary to the argument of many, one does not necessarily believe that man "saves himself" if he takes a part in the salvation process. I, and many others, believe man does play a part in his salvation, but know and willingly acknowledge that it is not he who does the saving, but God. Man's part is simply obeying the stipulations that God has outlined that bring salvation, the forgiveness of sins.

Episode 2: "Has God Already Chosen The Saved?"

Does the church have a particular purpose for being in existence? If no purpose for the church is revealed in God's Word, then we might assert that the church can engage in any work that its members desire. Yet, just as men do not normally establish an organization which has no purpose, it does not seem likely that the Lord's church was built with no purpose in mind. It is important to understand that if the purpose for the Lord's church is revealed, then man has an obligation to keep the church functioning within its God designated purpose

Episode 3: "What is the Purpose of the Church?"

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