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Family Ministries

Family Life Ministries is dedicated to strengthening the family as a center for spiritual growth. We believe that the family is the fundamental human institution, where values are learned and close relationships with God and others are developed. Our ministry acknowledges biblical teachings on family living while also recognizing the brokenness experienced in a fallen world. We provide tools for couples, parents, children, single adults, and all members of the family to grow in their relationships with each other and with God.


The Family Life Ministry is dedicated to strengthening and inspiring homes, as well as bringing healing to married couples, families, and individuals through the abundant love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.


The Family Life Ministry has set the following objectives to promote the mutual strength and support between the church and the home, and to ensure that the mission of the church is realized. These objectives aim to strengthen the bond between families and the church, and to create a supportive environment for all members of the community.


Families are the foundation of society, and the eternal gospel can bring peace and restoration to each home. By recognizing Christ as the Savior and Head of the family, members can draw closer to each other with love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Let us embrace this message and work towards a brighter future for our families.


The Family Life Ministry Department is dedicated to strengthening Adventist families and their role in discipleship. We believe that the married couple is the foundation of the family unit and aim to provide them with education and opportunities for improvement. By enhancing their skills and relationships, we hope to promote harmonious bonding and mutual discipleship within the family, leading to optimum growth of Christian marriages and relationships among siblings and extended family.


The Family Life Ministry is dedicated to helping parents and families successfully pass on Adventist values to the next generation. Through various materials and learning opportunities, we aim to train parents to present Biblical values in an attractive way to their children and teenagers. We encourage open discussion and questioning within the home and church to promote the development of a mature faith.


One of Our missions is to create a "Family of God" experience in each home, where we celebrate diversity and unity in Christ. We believe that through open, honest, and vulnerable relationships, we can transform the unity we have found in Christ into a living reality. Join us in surrendering to a common message and mission, and let's build a strong and loving community together.


We believe that the home is the most important mission field. That's why we help families discover and use their spiritual gifts in the community around them. Our goal is to encourage and train families to relate in a winning way with family members who are not believers, make friends with the neighbors, share the good news of life in Christ, and support the missionary efforts of the church through their prayers, offerings, and acts of service."

Family Life 

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